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     Art Teacher Cordle


    Ms. Cordle



    Art is the process of using media for creative expression

    and includes a diverse range of activities involving human imagination to express emotion or ideas.

    Art has a variety of visual forms and artwork is created primarily for beauty or emotional power.

    Art is appreciated for its aesthetic value and often has historic and cultural aspects.

    There is no agreed definition for art and ideas have changed over time.


    Gr6 Elective Wheel

    elements of art, fundamental art skills, art history, art critique, and creative expression


    Gr7 and Gr8 Year-long Elective

    art disciplines (skills) and art themes (topics) may include:

    visual arts (drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, etc)

    graphic arts (line drawing, lettering design, calligraphy, 2-D forms)

    sculpture (plastic arts, clay modeling, 3-D forms)

    decorative arts (textiles, weaving, mosaic, etc)

    digital media and technology (vector drawing, Google Draw, etc)

    architecture, landscape, and interior design

    abstract art, still life, collage, kinetic art, and more


    Great Artwork Collage