Gallup Student Poll Fall 2023

    Between March 15 through 26, 2023 all 5th through 10th 澳门六合彩全年资料 Valley students will have the opportunity to participate in a brief online survey to learn more about student perspectives of their learning environments. The Gallup Student Poll includes the following themes: 


    Students’ involvement in and enthusiasm for school. Engaged students are excited about what is happening at their school and what they are learning. Engaged students contribute to the learning environment, and they are psychologically committed to their school. 


    The ideas and energy students have for the future. Hope has also been linked to student success in school. Hopeful students are positive about the future, are goal-oriented and can overcome obstacles in the learning process, enabling them to navigate a pathway to achieve their goals.


    Feeling accepted and included as part of the school. Students with a sense of belonging know there is an adult on their side and feel like valued members of their learning community.

    Social and Emotional Learning:

    How people learn to understand and manage emotions and establish positive relationships with others.

    Through the Gallup Student Poll, schools, districts and communities can analyze actionable data that can assist in addressing school needs and reinforce success for all students. The Gallup Student Poll provides a voice for students to convey their daily experiences and aspirations for the future. This survey is anonymous and should only take approximately 10-15 minutes for students to complete. 

    Individual student scores are not shared. Each school will receive composite scores based on the four variables described above. 

    For more information on the survey please contact the principal of your school.

    Click here to download the Gallup Student Poll Brochure


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