Work Orders

  • Tips for School Office Staff

    • Go to and log in with user name and password.
    • Go to Work Orders and click on New Order.
    • Complete the fields including location and district I.D. number.
    • Choose the correct budget number.
    • State a BRIEF description of the work.
    • Click on submit.

    Emergency Work Orders:

    Emergencies may be:

    • No electricity or water
    • Clogged plumbing
    • Severe graffiti
    • Locks that do not work
    • Gas odors
    • Water leaks greater than a small drip

    Call emergencies in to the office, (619) 588-3023. Provide a work order number at the time of the call and note on the work order that it was called in.

    Maintenance & Operations staff are dispatched by radio to handle emergency requests. Calls may be handled in turn and by priority when there are numerous requests or when the situations are not of an emergency nature.